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Lakeland Drug - Omega Superb

Product Details

Thorne's Omega Superb offers the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids derived from fish oil in a great-tasting lemon-berry flavored liquid that's easy to take for both adults and children.

Benefits of Omega Superb:

Nutritional support for development and maintenance of healthy brain function*
Promotes a healthy cardiovascular system – supports the health of blood vessels to promote optimal blood flow and helps maintain already normal triglyceride and cholesterol levels*
Extra antioxidant support from astaxanthin promotes healthy skin integrity*
Supports memory and mood*
Promotes a healthy inflammatory response in joints and muscles*

Unique features of Omega Superb:

Tasty lemon-berry flavor
The essential fatty acids EPA and DHA in their naturally occurring triglyceride form
A smooth, non-oily texture
Lightly sweetened with monk fruit extract to enhance the fruit flavors
Molecular distillation removes contaminants, including PCBs and heavy metals

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