Pro-Resolving Mediators
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Pro-Resolving Mediators
Pro-Resolving Mediators
Pro-Resolving Mediators
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Pro-Resolving Mediators
Pro-Resolving Mediators
Pro-Resolving Mediators
Pro-Resolving Mediators

Lakeland Drug - Pro-Resolving Mediators

Product Details

Pro-Resolving mediators (PRMs) are the end products of the body’s metabolism of EPA and DHA. Thorne’s Pro-Resolving Mediators supplement includes the precursors the body needs to create pro-resolving mediators – two pre-resolving mediators 17-HDHA and 14-HDHA from DHA and one pre-resolving mediator 18-HEPE from EPA, as well as their parents EPA and DHA, to deliver a one-two punch in support of a balanced inflammatory response.* A balanced inflammatory response helps bring the body back into homeostasis after an injury or other insult – essentially helping to “resolve” the problem.* In fact, groups of PRMs produced in the body are called resolvins and protectins – basically members of the body’s “cleanup crew.”

Benefits of Thorne’s Pro-Resolving Mediators formula:

Provides support for healthy brain structure and cognitive function*
Helps maintain a balanced immune/inflammatory response throughout the body*
Provides relief from the discomfort of a tissue injury*
Promotes clearance of cellular debris – the dead cells and byproducts of the inflammatory process*
Supports exercise recovery*


Includes EPA and DHA in addition to three pre-resolving mediators
Contains an omega-3 blend with the highest concentration of pre-resolving mediators on the market

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